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“In the summer I often like to go for long walks and picnics.  Being a big, beautiful, mature, sexy lady I’m not often alone on these little jaunts.  This particular sunny day I was accompanied by a young man called Jack who had a penchant for the older, larger woman.

Now this chap knew I was sexy, but he didn’t have a clue how dirty I am.  That is not until we picked our spot to picnic in.  He laid out the large, thick blanket and I sat down.  He sat next to me and opened the picnic basket I had prepared earlier that morning.

He opened the lid and on top of all the food sat a can of squirty cream and a 10” purple dildo.  His cheeks flushed, his eyes flew to mine.  ‘I like to cum before I eat’ I said ‘I hope you don’t mind?’

Without waiting for a reply I stood, slowly removed my shorts and knickers, leaving my smooth, slick pussy just inches from his face, he licked his lips and I sat back down.  

I took a can of cream in one hand, the dildo in the other, covered it and began sucking and licking it off.  I watched as his breathing changed, I could see the bulge in his trousers thicken and harden as he watched my expert mouth lubricating my favourite toy.

I spread my legs and teased my wet pussy with the now sticky, wet toy, running it slowly up and down my puffy, wet, lips.  Circling my aching, throbbing clit.  ‘I’m going to fuck myself with it now Jack, would you like that?’ I asked and he nodded furiously.

I separated my lips with my fingers and slowly inserted the head of the toy, mmmmmm it stretched me just right.  Jacks fists were balled tight by his side, his eyes fixated on my pussy.  ‘Take your cock out’ I said ‘show me how hard you are for my wet, granny pussy.  Stroke it for me’

I fucked myself slow and deep with the toy, wanking my clit as I did.  Jack unzipped his trousers, took his thick, hard cock in hand and began wanking himself off, his eyes roaming from my heavy tits to my hungry pussy being fucked harder and harder.  

His grip tightened on his cock, his speed increased.  ‘Are you you going to cum Jack!?’ mmmmmm he nodded ‘cum in my pussy’ I told him ‘fuck me hard’.

He was on me in seconds, his mouth all over my tits,  he gave me a few more deep strokes with the toy before pulling it out, tossing it towards the basket and began guiding his young, hard, throbbing cock into my pussy.

I raised my knees up to my chest allowing him deeper access.   Mmmmmm he fucked me so good, so hard, so deep, hitting my clit with every thrust.  ‘Oh fuck yes!’  I cried ‘I’m going to cum, fuck me, fuck me hard!’

He pulled out and I cried out in protest, but within seconds he’d covered my pussy with his mouth, the first stroke of his tongue against my clit had my pussy spasming, clenching and cumming in his mouth.  I gripped the back of his head and fucked his face as hard as I could.

As the last wave of orgasm rocked me his mouth gentled and he moved back onto his knees, his cock straining with the desperate need to cum.  I turned onto my hands and knees, head down arse up, offering myself to him.  

He thrust back into my pussy and fucked me like a man possessed,  he lasted and lasted, fucked me until my pussy was raw! Finally he came, giving me every drop!  He took a keen interest for some time after watching it ooze out of my cunt.

He even stroked a fresh strawberry through it and fed it to me!  We did all manner of filthy things that afternoon and we’ve agreed to meet again this summer!  I haven’t quite decided what to pack yet…. “

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