How It Works – How to Have Text Sex

TEXT SEX CONTACTS allows horny and ordinary UK women – WHO SIMPLY WANT MORE SEX – advertise online for mobile text chat and to make TEXT SEX CONTACTS! This is a No Sign-up, No registration text service! It is FREE to browse – NO SUBSCRIPTIONS – no hidden agendas!

TEXT SEX CONTACTS is 100% anonymous both ways. Unless you choose to disclose this information – no one will ever know who you are, your mobile number or where you live.

TEXT SEX CONTACTS puts you in touch with hot UK women, guaranteed! It’s 100% filthy horny people chatting with like minded filthy horny people. Our service is safe to use and it’s completely anonymous, discreet and confidential. We’re certain that we’ll satisfy your need to wank and CUM!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I start a text chat conversation?

    You select a woman you fancy and using your mobile; text her NAME to 89126 or 69779 (whichever is displayed with her profile).  eg. Text lisa to 89126
    She’ll text you back with a reply, you text to and fro and this is where the filthy fun begins.

  • How do I receive pictures and/or videos of my chosen woman?

    She will send them to you from her mobile via a wap push. You can view these by accessing your mobile’s wap folder. Please refer to your mobile’s instruction manual for further assistance.

  • How do I send pictures and/or videos of my chosen woman?

    This will depend on your mobile handset – please refer to your mobile’s instruction manual for assistance.

  • How much does it cost to use this Text Sex Contacts service?

    This is a non-subscription service. You are billed to your mobile phone per message which ensures complete discretion at all times for both parties involved. Each text that you receive costs just £1.50 including VAT. (max 3 billed messages per reply). Photos/videos sent in by you or sent to you are charged at just £1.50 each including VAT. (You may receive free text messages for this service).

  • Which networks does this Text Sex Contacts service work on?

    Virgin Mobile
    BT Mobile
    Mobile World
    Fresh Mobile

  • Can I use a landline telephone to use this Text Sex Contacts service?

    The answer is NO. This is an SMS and MMS mobile phone service and only accessible and useable using a mobile phone handset.

  • As a woman wanting to join this service; how do I get my details on the website?

    Read our ‘How to Join’ page CLICK HERE and send us an email giving us as much information about yourself as possible, if after reviewing your details you match our criteria and requirements, we will send you an application form (with full terms and condition) to complete and return.

  • How do I stop receiving text messages or cancel using this service?

    To stop the service at any time; just text stop to 89126. You will receive a free text message informing you that your ‘stop’ request has been confirmed.

  • If I have any queries, how do I contact you?

    Email us at or telephone our 24 hour Helpdesk answer service on 0333 313 0018 where we will endeavor to return your call within 24 hours.