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hot indian girls for hot text sex chatText Isha now for the hottest Indian girls text sex chat. Good Indian girls turn bad. They have been brought up with strict parents, forced to marry young and must abide by very strict rules. Do they obey! Eeem NO! You only need to read Isha’s filthy sex confession below to figure out that rules are made to be broken! Bang, crash, smash! Read on…

“Husband was working, again.  I was at home, making myself pretty for a secret photo  shoot.  Husband and his family would be so mad if they ever found out about my new glamour model career.

Well, it’s more of a hobby than a career, I don’t need the money, I just love how it makes me feel.  It makes me feel so hot and sexy.

I had an hour left before I had to leave.  I was in my luxurious bedroom, trying on all different kinds of underwear and admiring myself in the mirror when the doorbell rang.  I peeked out of the window and saw a delivery man standing there with a parcel, probably some boring paperwork for husband.

I smiled to myself, seeing the perfect opportunity to be naughty here.  Our home was secluded, it had a private driveway, setback from a quiet, country road, so I knew I wouldn’t be spotted by any neighbours as I made my way to the front door in nothing but my black, lace underwear.

I answered the door and the man almost dropped his parcel, his mouth falling open at the sight of my beauty. He was a stockily built caucasian.  I smiled seductively and asked how I might help him….

He stuttered, practically drooling, so I decided to help him out.  ‘Or perhaps you could help me?’  I asked, he frowned a little with confusion.  ‘You see’ I continued ‘I’m in need.  In need of a knowing mouth and a willing cock.  Do you think you could help me out with that?’

He nodded, dumbfoundedly and I opened the door, inviting him inside.  He followed me to my room like a lamb to the slaughter.  I climbed onto my bed, laying on my back with my knees spread and raised.  I pulled my black, wet, lace panties to the side, revealing my beautiful, exotic pussy.  ‘Lick me’ I ordered ‘Lick my pussy, make me cum all over your face’

He practically dived on the bed, burying his face between my toned, soft thighs.  He stroked the flat of his tongue over my throbbing, swollen clit again and again. Mmmmmm how I love my pussy licked.  I grabbed onto his head, grinding my pussy harder and harder against his face, taking what I needed.

‘Oh oh yeeees!’ I cried as I came against his hot, wet mouth, coating his face with my juices.  My pussy was still spasming strongly as I demanded ‘Fuck me!  Fuck me now!’.
He frantically fumbled with his belt and trouser fastenings, quickly freeing his thick, throbbing cock and ramming it’s full length inside me.  ‘Oh yes, yes fuck me please’  I whimpered as he continuously thrust in and out of my pussy ‘Fuck me like I need to be fucked.’  I encouraged ‘Fuck me like my husband doesn’t know how to.’

My words spurred him on, he pinned my thighs down with his strong, manly hands and pounded my pussy hard.  I felt my second orgasm building, felt his cock pulsating and twitching as his orgasm drew nearer also.  ‘Cum with me’ I moaned as I let go, my whole body shaking with the strength of my release.

He came hard, pumping me full of his hot, thick cum, my tight pussy clenching his cock so hard he swore out loud.  Mmmmmmm what a treat that had had been.  I caught my breath and sighed a content, sated sigh.

‘Now’  I said, still lying on my back, cum leaking from my pussy as he pulled his trousers and underwear back up ‘I’m afraid I’m a very busy woman, if you could just leave the parcel in the hallway on your way out…’ “

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