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“While I was with my boyfriend for 7 years I longed to try new and exciting things in the bedroom, but he rarely shared my enthusiasm.  I’m a BBW and a little shy, but sometimes the need for sex just grips me so bad, I find myself doing naughty things.  

This one day I was out shopping and decided to try on some racy underwear in the hopes of making things a little more exciting at home.  I carried my items into the changing rooms, blushing at the male sales assistant as I went.  I shimmied into the sheer, white silk panties, matching suspender belt and stockings and squeezed my ginormous, fat tits into the baby doll style top.

 I admired myself in the full length mirror.  I looked sexy!  I felt sexy and decided to try and spice things up at home by sending the boyfriend a few naughty pics.  I pulled my phone out and took several pictures in various raunchy poses, but when the time came to press send I lost my nerve.  

Posing and playing around with my camera had excited me, what I didn’t realise was that the shutter noise of the camera had also drawn the attention of the sales assistant….

I lifted my huge tits, teasing my hard nipples through the thin material.  I could feel my pussy drenching the panties as it clenched with need.  I chuckled to myself thinking how I’d have to buy them now!  

I’d already been in the small, curtained cubicle for quite a while, getting changed and taking pictures.  I was so horny, rampant with need and feeling naughty, I had to cum….

Without another thought I thrust both hands into my panties.  Burying my fingers deep in my fat, wet cunt with one and strumming my swollen, throbbing clit with the other.  I let my head drop back to the wall behind me, my eyes closed.  I teased myself for only a few minutes before I felt my orgasm rising.  

I turned to the mirror, my fingers still fucking my pussy, the squelching noises making me blush scarlet, god I was so wet.  I took my fingers from my clit and reached around to my arse.  I’d never tried anal, but I loved to tease my tight little arse hole when I was near to orgasm, it intensified it 10 fold.  It made me feel naughty, dirty, sexy.

I groaned as the tip of my finger stroked against my arse.  I felt my pussy beginning to clamp around my fat fingers.  It was then that I heard another groan, that wasn’t mine!  It was the deep, sexually excited groan of a man.

I paused, only briefly, to listen.  I could hear heavy breathing and the sounds of flesh beating against flesh….like a hand on a cock! The sounds were close, I looked over every inch of the mirror, there were slight gaps in the curtain behind me, but all I could see was my wanton reflection.

The image of someone watching me and wanking their cock over me embarrassed and excited me.  The excitement won out.  A thumb on my clit, my fingers buried in my cunt, another finger pressing against my forbidden, dark hole and I erupted.

I bit down on my lip, my whole body clenched and released as my orgasm tore from me.  My mind was screaming, but I stayed as silent as I could.  I heard a hushed male cry, I was sure of it!  The sound caused a fresh wave of tremors, juice poured from contracting pussy.

Finally I finished and mindful of the time I’d spent in there I scrambled to get dressed!  I don’t know where I found the confidence, but I strolled up to the till, the picture of innocence and handed my items to the flustered looking sales assistant.

Although I wasn’t spared a blush as he rang up my items, he sure took his time with  those damp panties……. “

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