Why Men Love Shared Wife Fantasies

fiery shared wife fantasiesIf you look at most porn sites the shared wife fantasies genre is pretty popular. But what is it about cheating housewives and cuckolding that turns people on so much? Well, there are different reasons why people get off on this fantasy.

A lot of people assume that any guy who gets off on his wife fucking another man is, weak, submissive or just crazy. And it’s true, for a lot of guys who like to indulge in the cuckold fantasies, submission and humiliation are a big part of the fantasy but that is not the case with all men.

Many men love women who like to fuck and are not ashamed to admit it. They think it’s an admirable quality and they don’t stop feeling that way just because they get married. So naturally, any woman they choose would love to fuck and wouldn’t want to settle for just one cock even after she got married. These guys don’t look at their wives as possessions and don’t think sex outside of their marriage is something they should take personally and they don’t.

Some men love the alternative perspective watching their wife get fucked gives them. You can enjoy fucking someone but no matter how much you like fucking them, you have a limited perspective. Some men are so turned on by their wives that they want to experience them in a sexual way but from a different perspective. It’s like buying a fancy car. You may love the car. You may love to drive it. But you get a new appreciation for it when you see someone else driving it down the road because you can see it like you never get to see it, which is the magic of shared wife fantasies.

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