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Teasing Whore Gets Rammed By Dad’s Mate

My Dad always liked having his best friend over and I liked being a teasing whore by strutting around in skimpy clothes and bending over so he could see my arse. I was off limits and he knew it, which just made me all the wetter. I’m a very happy and energetic person so I’m always bouncing around. He loved to watch my perky tits bounce and I get disapproving looks from my Dad. One day while I was home … Read moreRead more

I’m Just A Horny Flasher

I’ve always been an exhibitionist and a horny flasher at heart, so letting everyone see my pretty pussy as I walk around town or in a shop gets me so fucking wet. I love to go out in a short dress with no bra and panties and secretly show my goodies to people. I like to start out slow, so I drove over to a construction site and flipped my skirt up at the workers in the distance. My pussy … Read moreRead more

Why Men Love Shared Wife Fantasies

If you look at most porn sites the shared wife fantasies genre is pretty popular. But what is it about cheating housewives and cuckolding that turns people on so much? Well, there are different reasons why people get off on this fantasy. A lot of people assume that any guy who gets off on his wife fucking another man is, weak, submissive or just crazy. And it’s true, for a lot of guys who like to indulge in the cuckold … Read moreRead more

Naughty Neighbour Loves a Photo Shoot

When my neighbour’s 18-year-old son came home from college, my pussy took notice and I made the decision that his cock was going to be mine. The photography student had his camera out one day and I made a point to wear some sexy clothing as I worked outside. It didn’t take long before I noticed his lens was focusing on his naughty neighbour more than the birds in the garden. I had a nice short dress on and no … Read moreRead more

My First DP – Muscle Men Pound Me Hard

I love to fuck, I can’t help it. The idea of having a nice hard cock in my pussy or my arse makes me so fucking wet that my pussy drips. The one thing I never had was a cock in both…until the day I needed my couch moved, the day of my first DP. I had a huge couch that weighed way too much for me to move, so I called my brother and asked him to help. He … Read moreRead more

Slutty Teen Babysitter – Horny Bitch Takes a Big Cock

Family were out at the cinema, my boyfriend came over and we took some naughty pictures on my mobile. The following afternoon the husband was updating software on my phone and he saw the pictures. He threatened to sack me unless I could give him a reason why he shouldn’t. I couldn’t afford to lose my job so I said he could take some naughty pictures of me too if he wanted. I’m such a slutty teen babysitter! I put … Read moreRead more